Saturday, February 15, 2014

Invisible Vending Machine for Valentines Day!

02.15.2014 – By now the US is celebrating Valentines Day and with that Coca-Cola tries to capture that moment with their latest gimmick. The vending machine they have created is invisible and only appears in front of couples.

It seems like Coca-Cola took inspiration from a science fiction move or show about vending machines being invisible. It might be interesting to know how that works with that kind technology it seems impossible, but Coca-Cola has ideas on how it works…

If you haven’t heard or seen it then you’ll be surprised what Coca-Cola just did. From setting up the so called “invisible vending machine” and having hidden cameras all over the place to capture that moment here’s that video…

What’s interesting about this so called “invisible vending machine” is it spews out Coca-Cola drink in can with the couple’s name on it.

Now that is something impossible but it works when the vending machine asked for the couple’s names and then it gives out a FREE Coca-Cola drink in can with their names on it how cool is that?

Definitely one of Coca-cola’s successful marketing campaigns ever to happen in another country, and would it be cool if it happened in the Philippines next Valentines Day?

We will never know for sure what’s next for Coca-Cola but this one was the best.

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