Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kate Upton VS Jimmy Fallon for Flip Cup Pro!

09.21.2013 – It’s been a while since last we heard of Kate Upton and 2012 was very good to her appearing a burger commercial and a couple of magazine covers most notably for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition which has a Philippine release.

There must be something more about her who first made viral in one basketball game dancing her way that earned her a cult following. She also did the famous Cat Daddy dance on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and of course she’s back as a guest.

Being competitive aside from appearing in a movie Upton up the stakes as being active in the sport of equestrian and as she mentioned that Jimmy dared her to a challenge for Flip Cup Pro where you drink a half a cup of beer and flip it.

You know Ms. Upton is smart and sassy that she gets to definitely put those detractors to shame being a very attractive woman and so here is the clip during last night’s show…

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