Monday, December 23, 2013

Adelaide Journals 2013: That First Day,

12.23.2013 – There’s always a first for everything. Traveling is a rare thing to happen for someone who is well accustomed to living in a city. The last time an overseas happened was last year in Singapore and the other year was half a month in South Korea.

Most people who travel go to popular places and scenic spots people would immediately recognize. But I like to go places rarely some might not know.

This time it’s Adelaide in South Australia. It’s Australia’s conservative state a place that needs a good story.

Arriving in the morning was not the excitement part, but I've never been in a long trip being in the skies leaving Malaysia’s international airport.

There’s not much stories I can share with you right now, but on the way out of the airport I see how people pay their parking ticket or get on a car that is right handed. It’s cool to see something different and some of the pictures can tell you that story…

Spent the first day watching movies and went to a nearby park which they have A LOT. What makes Adelaide an interesting place is they support the environment and most of the houses here are solar powered. The Australian government supports this endeavor and if you install each solar panel they will pay 20 to 40 percent of the cost.

Adelaide seems to be a province similar to Davao minus the traffic and rough roads. They really put the initial urban planning way ahead compared to other country that only ends up in paper or document.

First day at Adelaide is a doozy but sure is an inspiring place to live and invest in the future. Next stop dinner time and a trip at Westfield Marion mall the closes one in this vicinity that may find some interesting to share.

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