Monday, December 23, 2013

Adelaide Journals 2013: Woolworth's at Westfield Marion!

12.23.2013 – First store to visit at the Westfield Marion is Woolworths and you’ll see Jamie Oliver. For anyone who haven’t heard of him he’s popularly known on TLC’s fifteen minute meals where he cook some cool delicacy less than half an hour.

Woolworths is the biggest supermarket/grocery store in Australia. They also had convenient stores which were founded in 1924. The brand ambassador is Jamie Oliver which was quite interesting that he also have some food that he produced to sell.

Woolworths is not like any typical supermarket or grocery store they have provided products proudly Australian. But there are some unique finds that you may not find in your grocery store which makes Woolworths an interesting place to shop.

Check out some of the images taken inside Woolworths earlier today where you might find it interesting…

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