Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Night Life at Busan Station in Korea.

03.13.2011 - Arriving Sunday night at Busan station in Korea. A first timer to travel to this interesting country.

Its where all the Super Juniors and Wonder Girls came from. Though I would admit I'm more interested in Japanese Pop Culture this place has something to offer, which I have to find out in the next few days.

Upon setting foot at the airport a fairly cold breeze just hit me. The climate is not that cold anymore as I thought, but still its colder than Baguio.

The night life is much alive and the time here is an hour ahead of Manila.
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An overnight stay at the hotel nearby Busan Train Station, where the front area is a park with a unique architecture. Inside Busan train station there's a lot of shops still opened and one of them is Dunkin' Donuts, which is like the Starbucks in the Philippines.

A friend describes it as a high wuality donut shop, and the price is not what you'll expect in a store rarely I dined in back home.

So this begins a long week of journey to the country I didn't expect to visit. I already sampled its authentic Kimchi at a local turo-turo. Tomorrow will be another road trip, which will take me from another place for the next three hours.

For now enjoy Korea's night life as I get to settle down and prepare for another day of travel to this unique city...

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