Sunday, December 22, 2013

Adelaide Journals 2013: Landing in KL!

12.22.2013 – Heading to Kuala Lumpur was not a breeze. Ever since preparing for this trip I was not getting any decent sleep. For some it’s the most exciting moment but honestly it’s not just about traveling but getting things into perspective.

It was three hours of flight from Manila to KL, which was like being dragged on a rush when the next three hours was just about waiting. There was enough time to look around the sophisticated airport and I've never had a stopover when I was headed to Korea back in 2011.

But it was a first time to just relax and wait for the connecting flight...

Forgive me for the lousy photos I’m using a Powershot A480 that was handy on my pocket compared to the beast in the EOS 60D that I regularly use. The images are crappy but I was able to take some decent images while in the air. But rushing through upon arrival was not a pleasant one.

During the flight from Manila to Kuala Lumpur there was food served, and details about what they served can be found HERE. The rest of the journey was a waiting game from the time Malaysian Airlines too to the skies.

There was a good fair of selections to keep you occupied with a variety of movies. I AM BRUCE LEE was the documentary film I was catching up since I missed its airing on History Channel a couple of months back. It was getting to know the legend of Bruce Lee then a couple of naps the plane has decent its way to the newest international airport of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

There was three hours to spare while this was in writing. After arriving to the KL there was a train that took everyone to the terminal that we we’re assigned to take our connecting flight to Adelaide.

But that’s three hours away so there was a chance to check out some of the establishments at the new KL airport. A bookshop caught my attention since they are carrying Tin Tin books that are going for 33.00 RM. I had a sandwich while waiting for the boarding area for the connecting flight.

The new airport at KL is sophisticated and interesting to see its glamour not to compare what the Philippines have to offer since everyone knows there has none.

There are a few minutes to spare but for now the longest trip begins, and it’s good to know everyone back home are raring to celebrate the holidays. I’ll be spending the Christmas summer for the first time down under.

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