Thursday, May 31, 2012

Playboy Philippines on the cover with Nina!

05.31.2012 – Nina Girado known in the music scene simply as Nina who recently released her latest album “Stay Alive” under Universal Music last November 2011 just caught everyone by surprise.

Some people would hate her for this but as they say you can’t please everyone.

Because this time she disrobes and unleash not only her being known as the “Soul Siren” there’s plentiful of talk around she the Siren herself is unleashed this May/June 2012.

We’re talking about the Playboy Philippines’ latest cover girl Nina the singer and now showing her curves with here lucious booty in the newest issue that gets a controversial kick with a lot of people recently.

Any guy would grab a copy but it depends now on your perspective how you see it for now the cover is revealed!

Playboy Philippines has not been talked about for months until this image of the latest issue for the month of May/June 2012 has been going around. Grab a copy now sold for PhP 199.00 pesos at all leading magazine shops and bookstores!

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