Thursday, September 5, 2013

Goodies from Singapore!

09.05.2013 – It’s obvious that I missed the weekend’s “The Pop Culture of the Year” which was really not my plan to go back there. Last year’s Singapore trip was tight schedule was a pressure cooker it was too short of a trip to see more of the place.

My good friend Kartonista made sure he got me something not to miss the convention and other things besides the friends we made in our last travel there. Well actually he was there surprisingly.

There’s so much fun in the goodies he took home from his recent visit to the red dot island and I’m still feeling the residue from that adventure.

Even though I’m not there it was kind of being in that place too with all the hoopla that would not going to miss out on STGCC. If I had stable funds enough for me to travel every I could have taken my chance this year but then the powers that be probably is not with me to make that trip.

But I’m happy and greatly appreciated for the good stuff and who would say no to that. I’m definitely find a way to reciprocate in returning the favor because I never asked any of this like I always say in my previous posts about receiving unexpected gifts from friends that some might think is that easy.

Besides that I took home some old magazines that have been rotting with cat poo and I know Mike Row from the show Dirty Jobs feel about animal waste.

These are copies from Time and Newsweek that I used to own in my old place. I don’t definitely want to talk about Philippine politics unlike three years ago but this really looked like something that will happen when controversy arises.

I leave the others to have their own voice but these old magazines certainly something we can learn from not because it was part of history but to move on after that certain lapse of mistake that made this more irrelevant.

For now I’m digging to read Bitter Sweets a friend from Singapore’s first novel and a couple of those diecast toys and other cool stuff.


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