Monday, July 22, 2013

The Box of Surprises.

07.22.2013 – This might be the biggest box yet to arrive since the last one last October 2012 and I believe this will occupy my time choosing which one to open up. But there are some stuff as I was advised has already been open to be included.

This has been the fifth one that came from the Bay area but as documented this is the fourth that I have written about. The first one was not packaged in the box but there were a lot of comic books as well as the sketches that I have shared here the other year. This one seems like Christmas in July and why I can never ask for more.

This was collected by a friend based in the US who just shared appreciation to me over the years and I was surprised how they have grown in numbers. I’m still thinking how I can pay off the other ones that were sent to me the past years.

For some might think that I asked for this definitely NEVER and just to be honest I have no words upon opening them and that was a few weeks ago.

I’ve been busy lately so I might not be able to appreciate some of them but as of right now I’m still wondering where to start opening those are sealed. I was advised that this is just one of the two boxes that are coming home.

And here I thought this was it but then again I was just speechless having good friends send me something to surprise me…

There are some of the toys that never made it on retail in the Philippines that will be kept in storage since they are now rare to find one as if you can get it nearby.

Right now staring at them just leaves me in astonishment similar to back in 2009 which was the year another friend from San Diego sent me a box bigger than this and it was sent through a door to door delivery.

Until now that box has not been sorted properly and I can’t just open it as that one is underneath another box.

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