Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Singapore 2012: The View from Merlion Park!

9.04.2012 – The STGCC 2012 has ended Sunday night but the stories and events that encompass the “Coolest Event of the Year” will still be retold in the next couple of days. But for now our tight schedule before heading home is upon us.

It’s not like traveling in Korea last year where it took me 18 days to have worn its welcome. Probably a week in Singapore would have a better setting in taking a look at this marvelous City State in a “normal” pace. But since we’re having a very tight schedule we can only appreciate the little things that definitely caught our attention.

After checking out at Le Peranakan Hotel we took the next cabbie that would take us to Fullerton Hotel just the other side of Marina Bay Sands where the Merlion Park is located. Unfortunately the sun was up already at past 9AM and my eyes can’t take the glare while trying to get a good shot of the Marina Bay Sands from the Fullerton vantage point.

We spent most of the next 15 minutes trying to get a good shot until we went to the Merlion side where a group of people taking turns at having a photo with the small version spitting continues water on its mouth. Because the real thing is having a renovation for its anniversary and it was unexpected to see it in that particular appearance. I never got the chance to see its usual glory on my first visit since I was relegated to my hotel at Bencoleen and Suntec City.

But this time I got to get around Singapore even though on a very short trip of three days. It was fun and at the same time it felt more seem like real work. It should be because for this trip it’s not mostly fun and games as you try to create a network.

I feel like I might not see this again so even though the Merlion was under repair you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to capture it on camera. This might be a rare moment for something iconic not on its usual day spitting out that recycled water and it was definitely worth the trip seeing this in person. Though a lot would say they have seen it several times in their lifetime but can you ever see the Merlion take a day off? See it getting fixed one Monday morning?

So the day at Fullerton Hotel and Merlion Park was like catching a breath of air in less than an hour seeing hundreds of tourist still trying to get a good picture of the iconic white lion that symbolizes Singapore’s image as one of the improved country in Asia.

The sun is up and my eyes are burning from that glare but still get to catch some fresh air and a good view of the Marina Bay Sands in the morning.

I wish I could have taken more photos but time flies like the gust of wind that’s going around Merlion Park and we have to leave for Universal Studios. It might be our last stop and a few minutes at Merlion Park has given me a wider perspective about Singapore that I will miss but it’s all good.

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