Friday, January 4, 2013

Down South 2013: Travel to Davao City.

01.04.2013 – This was the second time to travel alone but a first in Davao City to catch up with a friend and see how thing goes. The flight was at 4AM which takes you an hour and 45 minutes to get to Davao City. The weather was just right as every start of the year rain starts to pour in this city.

I took residence at Tower Inn which was located along Quirino Avenue and I’ve been in this place several times since I first went here back in 2010 and spent my New Year in the province but stayed there for a few days by January 2011 for a family reunion with relatives. There were several reviews about the hotel but I guess it’s a matter of personal experience.

But this adventure is not about the hotel where I stayed it’s the perspective to re-connect with the city on my own. So earlier in the morning I was dropped off at the domestic airport where the huge crowed was sleeping in the check in area.

It’s been a while since I travelled alone the last one was back in 2009 during my very first trip to Singapore which was supposed to be a vacation.

Traveling to Davao City is like going home but I wasn’t born or raised there it’s not just a connection with my relatives. But I found friends here who made me feel “home” and for this year there was no long trips to the province since Baganga was one of the towns that was ravaged by typhoon Pablo last month. I just stayed and hang out with friends who are located in the city.

So the flight was an hour and 45 minutes and it’s like an eternity similar to flying to Singapore only this time it’s within the Philippines. I haven’t slept in the 24 hours preparing for this trip which was originally was last for December 21st but due to the hectic holiday season I chose to move it for the first weekend of January 2013. The weather was fine as reported there was only an LPA (Low Pressure Area) forming somewhere in the region that gave a drizzle of a rain in the city.

I guess the last few hours has been very quick for me to appreciate this place knowing I just got here a few hours ago and went straight to the hotel with special early check-in accommodations that they rarely do to their visiting customers taking up residence.

Honestly. I’ve been here several times whenever I’m in Davao City before going back to Manila and it has become sort of home. Well the first room was smaller and newly renovated not having a closet to store your things but after I came back from lunch they had me moved to a better location. So I slept the rest of the early afternoon trying to catch some sleep since being awake for the past few days.

Now it’s one of those days that you don’t want to get out of bed and indulge in watching Basketball TV since I don’t have this back in Manila. I’m missing a lot of NBA but hey things are good and I need to get out now since I have a dinner date with a couple of friends.

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