Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goes Down South: Up and Around the City.

12.30.2010 - Now back here down south for the third time in a decade. The last trip was back in July 2002 and that was the longest I've been.

First stop will be the city which I'll be around until Friday, where I leave to head down to the province. The place will be quite remote that internet speed would be compare to the dial-up connection.

The whole travel thing was not an excuse for missing Singapore, and this planned way back during summer. To be honest I'm half excited at the same time wondering what's in it for me here. Headed to the airport in a rush was quite frantic.

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The flight was quick and there was no delay when we arrived. I checked the places where no wifi connectivity likes the Victoria Plaza Mall and the Gaisano Mall. Arriving earlier with the roads wet and the skies are gray. The day started fast and quite interesting the eyes or the lens can see.

The cab ride is better than eight years ago, and they no longer have air condition-less taxi unlike before. Some roads in the city have greatly improved saved that to the suburbs, where we are located temporarily until we head to the provincial area by Friday.

So far it was quite an adventure check out interesting places like the cinemas and all that good stuff. I'd be a city slicker going to the province area scoping out stuff Ian Wright should be invited to go next.

Some of this images captured are not that phenomenal like I'm still back home. Just sharing you some interesting finds like the Buy One Get One Beer Tower, that I'll be chugging around once I hit the province.

All that G.I. Joe toys are packed and ready for some toy shoot at the beach, but right now I'm just going to be in the city for a while until New Year's Eve.

Well I guess will be heading to bed then, that body massage did a toll on me alright.

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