Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bausch + Lomb: The Eye Care Opens up in the Philippines!

05.23.012 –Bausch + Lomb globally known for its eye health company had recently hosted a special lunch for selected media from print and online. They announced that they are marketing their products directly now that they have put up an office in the country. This continuous their geographic expansion as announced during the scrumptious meal at the Enderun 101 Restaurant.

The event was presented by Dr. Joel Javier, Bausch + Lomb Philippines’ newly appointed country manager, outlined the company’s plans for bringing its extensive portfolio of eye health products to Filipino Doctors and the patients who need them.

“Bausch + Lomb is present in over 100 countries around the world and we are pleased to be able to bring our products to the Philippines. Whilst some products have been available here in the past, we will now be working ourselves with eye care professionals to bring a wide range of products to the Filipino people. This approach is entirely consistent with our vision of becoming the best global eye health company and that means being the best here in the Philippines too,” says Dr. Javier.

Bausch + Lomb Philippines will offer products from across all three of the company’s business units: Vision Care, Pharmaceuticals and Surgical. Among Bausch + Lomb’s most popular brands are PureVison contact lenses, renu and BioTrue contact lenses solutions, prescription and over the counter products pharmaceuticals such as Ocuvite eye vitamin and mineral supplements and the state-of-the-art vitrectomy and phacoemulsification platform, the Stellaris PC Vision Enhancement system. Within the Philippines, the Company will partner with eye care professionals, optical stores, doctors and pharmacists to market full suite of eye health products and platforms.

There was an interesting trivia about the company itself being known for making Rayban sung glasses until they sold the brand and kept the R & D to further develop the best contact lenses they are currently marketing now.

“While we may not be the biggest eye health player in the Philippines today,” said Dr. Javier, “we do intend to become the best at meeting the needs of Filipinos.”

Bausch + Lomb has partnered with some of the Philippines’ premiere hospitals such as the Asian Eyes Institute, St. Lukes Medical Center, and East Avenue Medical Center as a provider of surgical equipment.

They established as source for many surgical systems through local distributors and other market sand this prior to Bausch + Lomb opening up an office in the Philippines. Now that they have opened an office in the country this promises eye health professionals not only enhanced access to products but more efficient servicing of these high-quality surgical platforms.

According to IMA (International Market Assessment) Asia, eye specialists conduct an average of 80,000 cataract operations every year in the Philippines, as it is still remains the leading cause of blindness for adults.

“There are many other cases of vision impairment that are preventable of treatable. For most people, this can be done by simply consulting with a doctor on a regular basis. We wish to do our part to help Filipinos See Better so that they can live Better,” said Dr. Javier.

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