Thursday, March 15, 2012

Revisit Korea 2011: The Stroll at Tong Yeong City.

03.15.2012 – First day at Tongyeong City was an adjustment with seven degrees it’s not normal for someone who grew up in a tropical country to experience that temperature. We called home in the morning that we’re all settled and ready to buy supplies like our food for the next few days.

The small town of Tong Yeong doesn’t look like provinces as what our original perspective was whenever that word describes this place. It was similar to what Makati looks like now is best describing this town.

But the population is not as over crowded as Manila is having right now.

The morning breeze is taking an effect on me as I sat in the waiting area where the bus stops. I see that it’s like similar to the MRT (Metro Rail Transit) we have where there’s an automated voice calls out where the next stop is the bus coming from. There’s a huge schedule box standing tall describing the number of the bus and where it’s headed.

All the schedules it describes are so precise that you got to be on time waiting for the bus you needed to ride for your next destination. After we had made a call back to Manila we head back to our warm flat, but I decided to go out and check out the area near my place.

The playground was my first destination just two blocks from the flat we are staying. Once the sliding doors opened the breeze hit my face with such cold ease. I look at the cars parked in the area where some have similarities to other branded vehicles that I see on the road in a daily basis. It was a very quiet mid-morning going to noon time and the sun’s heat is quite different from what we’re having back home. My apologies for the comparisons as any first time traveler going to Korea would probably have the same idea but overall this is a remarkable place.

What are good about the tight corners in this place are the mirrors they have put for the blind spots the motorist would take notice and avoid accidents. Surely it would be a good idea to have these being used in Manila but you know how poverty is and unlikely those things would end up in some junkyard where it would be sold for profit.

The whole travel has left me adjusting to what’s going to happen in the next few days. We did have our trip to the grocery last night and it was at Top Mart where I saw their version of a supermarket/convenient store. I originally thought we have one of their stores in Manila but turns out that was another Korean shop that was mistake for Top Mart.

So most of my “strolling” is just getting to know the place through my perspective and never crossed in my mind would I be visiting this place. For everyone who dreams to come here make a point to visit another place in Korea than Seoul because this country is not about that city alone.

The bay side was already colder than I thought but as the time goes the temperature drops to more friendly climates like comparing the cold now to Baguio.

Another adventure awaits but for now looking at my first Monday in Korea was something I would definitely not forget. Specially the dogs near the garbage bin and prior to that is the 7 Eleven store that I was introduced to by my brother-in-law as his regular hang out during his free time.

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