Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Revisit Korea 2011: Good Morning Busan! Hello Tong Yeong City!

03.14.2012 – It was still cold at 6AM and it was eerily silent. My first day in Busan Korea was not pleasant and I was running down the clock to be ready because our trip did not stop here.

It was one of those days I wanted to have more time on my hands.

Unfortunately time was not on my side as I set up my things prepared to pack again for what to be the road trip to TongYeong City.

They say it’s a province and whenever that word came into my mind I was thinking LOTS of trees and mountain the kind of wilderness that you’ll try to survive for the next twelve or thirteen days.

I wasn’t able to look around Busan last night as most of the places where closed and we arrived sometime about 8PM. The cold air can be felt even though the heater inside of the room kicks in.

This was a new experience probably I won’t be having again so I try to savor it like being “at home” even though the climate is not what you encounter everyday. I tried the hot water and still trying to get the cold and hot faucets to give me a lukewarm bath.

All my things are ready as we took the next cab to the bus terminal where it would take us to TongYeong city one of those unheard of provinces outside of Korea. Well for some who wanted to go to this place nobody cares about TongYeong City, and the only knowledge for some people I know is that Seoul IS the only Korea that they wanted to go.

I wasn’t here for the travel but for personal commitments and all I can say not all the places in Korea are modernized of just like in Japan being a country into technology which is enough to get you going. The road to TongYeong City was greeted with an impressive construction of their highway.

There’s no way I can compare this country to the Philippines and if I did it’s like the word “IMPRESSIVE” and “CORRUPTION” don’t go out together. The taxi cabs here are rather entertaining with their satellite live television you’ll never get bored if you speak Korean. I wish I could have dined at McDonald’s but time of the essence so once we got of the cab we run head to the bus terminal to get our tickets.

The place around the are is bustling with culture and you thought your watching a Korean novela unfold when your actually walking fast to get to your destination. There was no distraction but you know the women there are fashionably chic.

There I go breathing like I was smoking with the temperature slowly dropping down to the manageable levels its still describable as cold but not that freezing enough to put you on ice.

We took the next bus on the road to TongYeong City and I felt that this is going to be a long trip. Then the bus left the station and we are on our way to parts unknown and the first few sceneries was quite memorable with the road you can never feel any roughness.

The next few hours I was sleeping trying to get myself rested as the road travel was like three hours but I never felt it as I shutdown.

In a few hours I woke up still seeing the long highway reach our destination. TongYeong City here I come!

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