Friday, March 16, 2012

New Toys To Start The Summer!

03.16.2012 – I rarely share about my toy collections or what I got today here and mostly the general stuff that goes out here is unrelated to my other blog. But I have previously shared to you the stuff I get from close friends based outside the country.

Some of them where unexpected since I never asked for them and out of friendship they just surprise me. I stopped buying toys in a long time and I can only get them when I’m willing and able to afford them.

I get them through the gift checks that I receive as a token from previous blog events but rarely buy as I have enough.

I don’t keep up with what’s new and I’m proud to say I have enough stuff I can enjoy using them for my Toy Photography.

Actually there’s a lot of stuff I haven’t opened since I received a box since last December 2011 and then some more new toys I got this recent February as shall I say a post-valentine present. Then there are some of the toys I haven’t checked in my storage that has not been opened since I bought them as long as 2008.

But the ones I received recently are the ones that got me excited. I followed Ed Bubaker’s run on Captain America from the day he masterminded the assassination of the hero (issue #25) up to the passing of the mantle to Bucky Barnes as the new star spangled man of action until the return of Steve Rogers in the land of the living. I’ve seen the movie in advance last year and still follow the character’s exploits in the comic books whenever I dropped by the comic shop.

So you can get the idea how excited I was when I received another pair of toys from the Ambrosio Brothers last Monday.

Then there was another pair which I personally bought yesterday using the SM Sodexo GC worth PhP 1,000.00 pesos that was given during the Sudoku press conference at the Hong Kong Empire restaurant. Of course I spent PhP 900.00 pesos and saved the remaining GC for a rainy day.

I bought one of the latest toys based from the upcoming Avengers live action movie to be shown in April 25, 2012. But the action figure I got is not based from the movie but its from the Ultimate Comics and that is Hawkeye which was a bit pricey for PhP 549.75 pesos and finally the Paratrooper Dive Captain America that I’ve been wanting to buy from last year which is now on clearance for PhP 350.00 pesos from its original price of PhP 699.75 pesos.

So I have my fill for this month having another set of new toys, but this time they get to be opened first than the previous ones I got from the past months. I was thrilled to get the Cyclop’s younger brother Havok (from the Marvel Universe toy line) which came out in 2010. He was more of a personal favorite than the current X-Men leader that’s making headlines in the comic books.

I guess my summer won’t be dull with new the toys to use for Toy Photography. Thanks to close friends who definitely surprise me without requesting them. Hopefully my other toys from San Diego and San Francisco would be arriving soon.

Specially those Transformers ones that never made it here on retail which would definitely is truly icing on the cake. Haha!

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