Friday, March 16, 2012

Revisit Korea 2011: Interesting Things Along Donam-Ro!

03.16.2012 – There are interesting sights where I’m temporarily based. This is not as popular as Seoul but it has its own merits to wonder what it feels like to live in this place. So late afternoon I started my stroll which basically the best time since its not cold but since its kind of late to get out the dropping of the temperature begins to rise.

For most of my day I spent eating snacks that we bought at Top Mart the other night. It was funny we had to take the cab going to our place even though its close as the distance between my old office at RCBC to the Shopwise supermarket that’s just like 3 to 5 blocks away.

The morning was a lazy one just firing up the washing machine was like not the usual routine I had in mind. I spent most of my early day watching television that I don’t even understand the language. But there are other channels that featured western movies that I rarely see when I’m home. The weather is cold when I slide the huge window in that small cramped laundry area.

Its getting used to be easy but the familiarizing of the place will take much of my time but its all good. I lay down in the bed but the past nights I was at the wooden floor getting the feel of the heater. The warm heater does the trick in putting you to sleep.

There was no built-in internet connection at the flat but close neighbors have wifi sharing capabilities and all I need to do is stick it to my wall voila!

I heard from someone here that the internet is way faster than the Americans have and it’s true when I saw an article about the countries that has the fastest connection. Korea ranks second in countries with that kind of internet connectivity. It was obvious when you see the taxi cabs that had built-in wireless television sets that are also a GPS device for them to get around Tong Yeong.

This place worth exploring though unknown to many outside Korea it’s probably one of the places I would like to come back and visit.

The usual thing I did is sort of my own version of a “Photo Walk” starting at the nearby Tong Yeong City High School where I did one of my Toy Photography shots near the football field. At first it was awkward as students pass by on their way home I take a photograph of one toy that I have with me on my trip to Korea. A very close and dear friend even requested that I take more photos with humans in it. Because it looked like a very lonely place that I’m the only one even rarely seen in the set of photos I shared.

I see some interesting things in the streets as I walk out of the campus and one of those is the nursery school that had a giant Hello Kitty near the playground. As I walk down the road I see new things like that moving van that sells clothes… Well mostly socks as I see but never got the chance to get close and check it out for myself.

The day was quick as I walk back since I stopped at the boundary where I felt I that I won’t get lost. The sun goes down as I breath through the air that’s about to get colder by night time. It looks like a very emotional place but if you’re here it feels quite the usual day in Manila only quieter and less sound polluted as motorist don’t honk their horns. I guess that’s another day of adventure as I get back to the flat awaiting dinner!

Another adventure awaits but for now looking at my first Monday in Korea was something I would definitely not forget. Specially the dogs near the garbage bin and prior to that is the 7 Eleven store that I was introduced to by my brother-in-law as his regular hang out during his free time.

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