Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post-Christmas Toy Box!

12.27.2011 – Monday was not Post-Christmas Holiday and the experience is like the usual day. It was like the normal routine but there was no heavy traffic as some have been back to work. I got word that the “care package” sent to me from San Francisco has arrived earlier in the day.

The last minute decision to leave the house in the late afternoon was such a grind.

It took me to three different places. But the day was such a great rewarding moment that I forgot the feeling of tiredness. My good friend who sent the package was more excited than me to open this.

The video will be up soon on how my reaction when I opened the box full of goodies. For now the photos will surely tell you what I got as a Post-Christmas present. The only thing that didn’t bother me that much is the tiny “wound” in the side corner of the box.

There where unexpected stuff that I didn’t know I would get like the 2010 release of the Ghost Busters Ecto-1 or the Marvel Universe Thor which is no longer available here in the Philippines.

But the rest is all good so without any further introductions here are some snap shots of what I got as a present…

The most favorite of all the stuff that was included in this box was Mater Reindeer which was the 2011 Stocking Stuffer for the Holiday Season. Its packaged in a “Snow Globe” style bubble that would be great for the display without opening and liberating Mater out of his carded prison.

Definitely it’s a W-I-N column if you see these toys which I’ll be making review as added in the long line queues for me to do during the course of the holiday season. Again I really appreciate these gifts from my good friend and his two sons.

Have an awesome Christmas and Season Greetings 2012!

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