Sunday, February 26, 2012

That Saturday with The Morning Rush!

02.26.2012 – Chico and Delamar’s Top 10 book is now a best seller and that is something of a record. Their fifth and last book signing was accepted with great reception at the National Bookstore in Mall of Asia.

The book signing is not as phenomenal as the first one five weeks ago but there are already talks about the second volume. What was once a segment of their radio shows it’s now the stuff you can read just to forget the everyday drama.

The tandem has given them 15 years making them the longest running Philippine radio show to beat.

The Rushers (fondly called as fans of the show) is pilling up in numbers for their support and this is not only in the Philippines but through out the world. The book itself makes their tandem expand beyond radio and they are no longer in your mornings.

When they where getting known on radio back then they even had recorded albums and even include a TV show on IBC TV 13 which goes back in the mid-1990s. C & D has become part of the Filipino pop culture. Now they are a three people tandem adding Gino Quillamor to the mix and the listeners and readers of the book are growing in the numbers thanks to the passionate fans who gets up early in the morning just to tune-in.

The last book signing was greeted with a huge fan support from the Rushers and you couldn’t have seen the entrance of National Bookstore. It was overflowing of appreciation. The event was hosted by Andre Co (one of the RX jocks) taking the reigns from Cerah who hosted the previous book signings.

The anticipation of a second volume of the book is something fans can’t wait to see. I myself have not bought a copy which I’ll be picking one sometime next month. Last Saturday was like catching up with old friends since I rarely visit the station the past week and the Rushers are a great group to hang out with. You can hear them in the station on special occasions like the recent visit of Francine Prieto who enjoyed a copy of the Top 10 Book and dared to be their special guest last Wednesday.

If the images don’t give justice to how successful the last book signing wait until the second volume gets released. The Morning Rush of Chico Garcia, Delamar Arias, and Gino Quillamor is aired weekdays from 6 to 10AM with a special airing every last Saturday of the month from 6 to 9AM.

For more behind the scenes and adventures of the DJs check out Chico Garcia’s blog for more about the show through his personal perspective.

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