Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sleepless in Seattle without The Sonics!

02.25.2012 – Do you remember The Seattle Super Sonics? Any NBA fan would remember because of Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp in the 1990s.

They were a remarkable team during the height of the team’s popularity but also over shadowed by the greatness of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls when they reached the NBA Finals in 1996.

Who would have thought about that team at this time? Ever since the franchise was bought by businessman Clay Bennett in 2006 and moved it to the city Oklahoma there was a huge apathy for the city of Seattle.

Though I’m not a resident of that city or a huge fan of the basketball team I followed its story and were its headed.

Lately there was news circulating and rumors that the city of Seattle is getting another chance of having a basketball team in their city. So I went on my “investigative mode” to find out what’s the buzz that caught my attention regarding this premature announcement.

There was indeed awareness the past two months regarding appearances of Sonics Fans during the road games of the OKC Thunder. In their green and gold colors the fans rally in their seats whenever Thunder went to play. The most recent one was during their trip to Portland when Thunder beat the Trail Blazers in overtime last February 6, 2012.

Then a few days ago there was a proposal announcement by Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn about a potential agreement with business partners in building a new arena not only that would bring back the Sonics basketball team but also an NHL team which is also that will give jobs to those residing in the city.

It’s definitely good news if ever this materialized since there was also news that the Sacramento Kings and the New Orleans are put up for sale. This will be an opportunity for Seattle to take advantage if everything falls into place and that would be something right?

Any NBA fan out there would really appreciate this news in bringing back the Sonics and I can recall the time I met Gary Payton in 2010 when he visited the Philippines. Unfortunately I didn’t take the opportunity to ask him about the developments regarding Seattle since my friend Glen was still gushing while I take his video talking to The Glove.

I’m all to support for Seattle because it’s about time the Sonics need to play again in the NBA and that would be something besides wanting to see the city that was popularized by a movie by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the 1990s.

This won’t be the end for the Sonics when there was a call for the support of the fans themselves who formed and preserved that the team’s history which I followed their exploits since then.

Probably the excitement and the anticipation can’t be contained now that everyone is Sleepless in Seattle to make that dream a reality once again.

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