Monday, February 27, 2012

Extremely Loud & Purely Emotional.

02.27.2012 – Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is one of the Academy Awards films having nominated for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor with Max von Sydow. Anyone who caught up with the Oscar’s this morning was something good to watch out the regular local material that’s been declining lately.

The movie had its special promotional screening last Wednesday at SM Megamall courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and The Best Music on the Planet 99.5RT. The film had its first limited screening on January 20, 2012 in North America with fairly mixed reviews but definitely it the emotional up.

It’s a tragic story set during and after 9/11 where thousands of people perished as the twin towers of The World Trade Center came crashing down. For a boy like Oscar Schell its “The Worst Day” he will never forget and Thomas Horn played a remarkable role of a 11 year old child trying to cope up with a loss of a family member. The movie is told from Oscar’s perspective which is quite understandable how the mixed reception had an affext for you think about this film.

If you’re someone who rarely sees films that touch your inner emotions this might be something more than a tear jerker. Max von Sydow played his role as a silent character is something a challenge and yet he lost the Best Supporting Actor Award from Christopher Plummer’s role in The Beginnings.

Even though Mr. Plummer had took home the golden statue Max von Sydow has performed very well with such simplicity. Both men are 82 years old and yet these guys are pushing the level of performance for their respective roles in these films. So my hats off to Max for this film that deserved more than just a credit for his performance but for entertaining everyone who would see this film. The other actors are stellar with their performance when you have a two-time award winner for best actor like Tom Hanks and 2010 best actress in Sandra Bullock this film makes it even more special.

Thomas Horn is great telling his life as Oscar Schell and this kid hits the high notes in the emotional spectrum that cut deep to our collective consciousness trying his very best to keep the memories of the father his lost and the past he will encounter through out this film. Everyday we witness tragedy and yet the empathy is not that close until we experience it to ourselves. The message of this film really conveyed some of that tragedy that happened in the morning of 2001 and it delivered strongly.

Overall its rated 4 out 5 making this one of the best films out there that definitely tell a good story. Thomas Horn really is a remarkable start and with his performance surely we’ll see more of him. To Max von Sydow he will still be a winner on this film though is lost the award to Mr. Plummer his performance resonates another great talent to look out for.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close opens on February 29, 2012 nationwide from Warner Bros. Pictures Philippines!

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