Friday, February 24, 2012

Last Wednesday on The Disenchanted Kingdom!

02.24.2012 – It’s been a while but the trip was all worth the time to just hang out. The King aka DJ Logan was not around Wednesday night but his colleagues Cleo Caliente and Marf were on-board for another 99.5RT’s riot show on Disenchanted Kingdom.

Unfortunately they didn’t notice the time to do a segment for ODK, but Marf had played all the songs I requested like the latest song by Foster The People or Up Dharma Down’s “Taya”. The coziest place in the booth was the corner part underneath the air condition near the small booth outside that is occupied by Clarissa who delivers the news at fifty five.

This was no usual Wednesday nights were The King does his regular banter and Marf gets the butt of jokes. The discussion behind the mic was mostly about showbiz stuff that I myself have not heard about to talking about the music video for Up Dharma down’s “Sana” which featured Magic 89.9’s Jessica Mendoza that was on Youtube since 2009. Of course there’s Neil Almighty in his new Mac Book Air and convincing me to get my own Mountain bike since he bought a new one.

Prior to doing coverage for the advance screening of “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” that happened last night I was hoping catching up with Koji but he wasn’t around. Mostly stayed in the booth just talk to good friends about what’s happening lately in the real world.

This is what we’ve been doing behind the scenes and occasional day inside the RT booth were Luke from Suzuki Philippines dropped by and went to promote the upcoming Flag Football happening at the Ayala Alabang Country Club this coming Saturday. Anyone interested to play there are no entrance fee just come by and visit the venue and learn to play the game.

It was cold and is nice to get out of the heat since summer is here already which practically sums up Wednesday night on Disenchanted Kingdom minus The King in DJ Logan until he returned Thursday last night. This was a surprise to see Cleo taking the hosting duties for the advance screening of “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” and review on that will be on Monday.

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