Saturday, September 24, 2011

Celebrate Jim Henson's 75th Birthday Via Google Doodle!

09.24.2011 - Jim Henson has been an inspiration for those who tried their hand in puppetry and he celebrates his 75th birthday as Google Doodle is featured at the main page of the site. It’s were you try out the digital puppetry designed by Google.

If anyone who wasn’t born to the time Jim Henson started out bringing the muppets you all should know that some or almost all of your Sesame Street characters was born from his creation. So to celebrate today get your hand at some of his puppets on

Jump after the cut...

The design for the doodle was made with the collaboration of Jim Henson Company and the creature shop to allow everyone globally to become a puppeteer for a day.

This doodle features six puppets where you can interact by operating each of these creatures by clicking on the small hand button to mimic a puppet. Interest enough that the last puppet eats the other long necked creature.

Care to see the behind the scenes and remember the great Jim Henson…

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