Monday, January 16, 2012

Former RX Rusher, Mhate Canales Remembered.

(Photo by Reyzel Cayanan, November 2009)
01.16.2012 – Sometimes the bearer of bad news would come in the form of curiosity. Waking up to find out that friend would no longer be around.

Though she’s not that close a small token of respect to mourn her loss is enough for a few to remember her well.

Exactly 10 days ago a former listener of RX93.1 had passed away. She used to be an avid listener of Monster Radio RX93.1’s The Morning Rush.

Her name is Mhate Canales, if anyone of you can’t recall she used to hang out at the RX booth during the meet up on the last Saturday of the month.

If anyone who still can’t recall who she was just like any “Silent Rusher” but always tuned to Chico Garcia and Delamar. I personally met this young woman back sometime in November 2009.

The Rushers are accommodating and friendly as I went to visit the RX jocks. Mhate was one of the few people I know aside from Kristine aka Astroboy and Oscar Dela Hopia. Most of the time I hang out inside the booth the conversation was with Mhate the “Silent Rusher.”

It was great knowing and hoping the other Rushers as well as Chico and Delamar would remember her. Personally I would thank Mhate for being a friend even though we’re not that close I had a good time chatting with her that day.

Whenever you are my condolence to you and your family certainly we will never forget. Thanks again for just being such a nice individual so I write this to remember you.

Rest in Peace Mhate Canales. Thank you for your time being a friend we’ll see you soon. God Bless.

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