Thursday, January 26, 2012

EastWest Bank Unveils New Corporate Image!

01.26.2012 – Change is good and with that things will look new again just like EastWest Bank who had recently had launched a corporate rebranding down to its new color motif which includes a new logo that give us their tagline “We make good things happen.”

Indeed. With its new corporate signature signaling changes in its corporate strategy and the transformation of its value proposition that would bring their customers closer with their needs that bring their new brand promise. The new brand is one of the results in depth months of market research and assessment audit by Singapore-based FutureBrand known expert for international branding.

The new colors was quickly noticed due to light, fresh green symbolizing renewal and fresh growth with purple and magenta rounding off the arrows. The colors are unique and considered a visual standout in a field of reds, blues, yellows which is typically favored most of other financial institutions.

Testimonials from EastWest Bank president and CEO Antonio C. Macupa states “the new logo was created from two arrows representing the directions of the bank’s name, coming together to symbolize the relationship between bank and customer, in the heart of which good things happen. It also communicates our intent to become a world-class service provider, and our focus on customer benefits and aspirations consistent with our new brand tagline, ‘Your Dream. Our Focus.’”

Mr. Macupa addressed the changes that had been done the past months during the Thanks Giving and Chinese New Celebration held at the Hyatt Hotel in Metro Manila. There were several dishes served that day that the present media was filled their afternoon with sheer delight of the food.

EastWest Bank chairman of the board Jonathan T. Gotianun has also said in his speech about the change as he stated “the rebranding exercise is part of our holistic effort to bring EastWest Bank to a higher level of performance, competitiveness and strength. It is not just about changing our logo or adopting new corporate colors. Our brand represents the value the bank delivers to our customers and our brand promise to them. We hope this rebranding effort will help focus our energies and align all our efforts consistently and more effectively towards delivering our brand promise to our customers.”

The company has been around since 1994 and changes in the 140 banks new look will gradually take affect this year which will identify EastWest Bank by its new appearance but also to the commitment they have stated with the change with their corporate rebranding.

The employees of the bank will soon be wearing new uniforms in the new corporate colors designed to reflect its brand essence of being personable, dependable and proactive

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