Tuesday, October 4, 2011

See Winter on Dolphin Tale!

10.04.2011 - Dolphin Tale is family drama based on a true story about a bottlenose dolphin that lost its tail being entrapped in a crab trap. The movie was shown in North America on September 23, 2011.

In the Philippines the local FM radio 99.5RT held a special screening for their listeners and considered to be the only special preview in the country.

The film was seen on 3D and it was graced by families that includes kids who got the special invite to see this first before the regular screening.

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It was shown at the Glorietta 4 Cinema 1 but before the lights went out there was a raffle hosted by Dirty J one of the jocks of the said radio station.

Special thanks to Keiko and the RT air-staff notably to former Radio1 mentor Koji Moralez who invited me to see this film.

Acknowledgements also goes out to Warner Bros Philippines for bringing the film locally as rarely we see a heartwarming movie being shown in this country who are into more interesting films that has to do with action, fantasy and a little bit of science fiction. This not includes sex comedy dramas that I previously reviewed.

Winter’s Tale

The story revolved around a boy who suddenly sees the injured dolphin named Winter near the beach as the premise of the movie. Not into getting the details the pacing is just right but for some kids were a bit impatient to get out of the theater.

The culture here in the Philippines is really far off when you bring them in cinemas for a live action film like this. So I understand some of these kids are not exposed to watching English speaking movies rather getting stuck in tagalong translated cartoons at home. Based on my observation when they watch the film it’s unlike the children in the US who would really appreciate this.

You can appreciate this film and it’s not limited for the kids but those who had grown to see Free Willy and other stories related to this type of family drama. It’s a great film telling the story and the struggle of this dolphin and it earned a lot of positive reviews in the US. In this film Winter plays as herself and we get to see the Clearwater Marine Acquarium and some parts located in Florida.

See Winter

Overall Dolphin Tale is an interesting family related film, but not highly suggest for kids who never got to watch these types of movies. I’ve seen the Free Willy movies but given that it was shown in the 1990s Dolphin Tale is way different. Not to compare both movies has its strengths and weaknesses. This would be a good suggestion as an alternative way from the sex and violence related ones that’s going to be shown on October 5, 2011. Plus this is shown on 2D and 3D which is given a 3.5/5 rating.

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  1. I really liked this movie and the kids around me enjoyed it so much. They were all cheering for Winter. It made me want to go swimming with the dolphins when I get a chance. I hope soon. Good review.