Friday, May 27, 2011

The Secret Fresh in Every Vinyl Toy!

05.27.2011 - Its been a while since i went to Secret Fresh located at the RONAC Art Center in Greenhills, San Juan. One of the coolest urban culture areas that was put up the past few months.

Its brewing with urban culture scene in the country. One of the places I liked going to is at Secret Fresh.

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Though its way past Greenhills shopping center its a place I feel way out of too much mainstream.

There was too many clutter lately when you look at too much hype and mainstream to go around. Simply put the place at RONAC Art Center is like away from all that stress, pollution, and redundancy in the city.

Secret Fresh is an urban vinyl shop formerly known as Fresh Manila, that was located somewhere in Quzeon city. Now called Secret Fresh at RONAC Art Center has annual art exhibits and gatherings at the second floor of their place.

For those who are not familiar with the urban scene its something unique and different to experience different.

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