Friday, May 20, 2011

BBC's Toughest Place Feat. The British Bus Driver in Manila!

05.20.2011 - BBC World's documentary program Toughest Place feature about driving the roads of Manila in the Philippines.

Josh West, a British bus driver that accepted the challenge to do his job on the world's toughest condition.

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The Philippines is definitely home, but for someone who never grew up in a third world country Josh West would realize this. Not only he was given a challenge trading his double decker bus from London, but to see how Filipinos live in a daily basis.

You can never trade your country unless trying to find ways to live for your family, and everyone has to make sacrifices to achieve a better life. For Josh West it was an eye opening experience, and a challenge for his 10-day stay in the Philippines.

I've been talking about the Philippines and how it has been bad.

For me, who has the opportunity to travel to countries like Korea and Singapore it will open your eyes. This is the reason why our fellow country men would trade working somewhere else for a better livelihood.

Watch the video and see how Josh West experience living in the Philippines...

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