Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Endless Squares.

I've been sleepless for the past nights. After leaving work in March the sleeping patterns where messed up. All I can do is let my thoughts run with this entry.

Actually this was taken on the way to Tim's place last Sunday. Rarely I do simple snaps with this kind of photography. It just gives a different perspective you think about it...

Endless as I walk the empty park. Actually it wasn't empty when I went straight. This is quite something of a rare view for me to have so much imagination. Sometimes I just fool my perception to think I'm in another place, and yet there was part of my dream seeing a similar place like this.

I just don;t when but it has an uncanny resemblance to this picture. None the less it was a nice shot using my Canon Powershot A480. I'm surely miss using the old A430, but either one I have clear view of this perspective.

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