Monday, June 7, 2010

Wayne Penthouse Live!

Sunday night was awesome. I was able to manage in getting myself lost again going to Tim's place, which I have no intention of losing my way.

Getting to Kitaro to meet with Tim and Billy was the idea, which took me longer ot find out...

Anyways getting there at night it is possible for me to loose my way, and get myself confused which street it was until I got there. Earlier that day I just saw Shrek Forever After with the kids on 3D and dozed off.

Tim kept buzzing my YM and send my text message to get up. To the tune of Katy Perry's "California Girls" I didn't loose my composure. Trying to figure out my way there, but I sure want to get the Snoop Dogg-less song, which was played on radio today. But it won't be a cool song without that rap in there.

So going back Billy and I was led my Tim to head out to his place. Its my second time at the Wayne Penthouse, and this time I didn't fell asleep to my embarrassment.

This time around I was manage to take a couple of photos to show you how Tim lives in his room. Its like inside a bat cave with only bright with white walls. You could say its a decent pad, that takes you stress away. With all those toys in that shelf, and gaming units on hist table with that set up who would love to live in this kind of environment.

Actually we where there to tape the second episode of the podcast, that we've been hatching for the past weeks now. The first episode was aired a week ago, and this time I join these fine gentlemen as we make our own niche to online pod casting.

After the taping both Tim and Billy slug it off to a Street Fighter game, while I read the first issues of Secret Avengers, Avengers Prime, and the second issue of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne comics. We end the night leaving Tim's pad at 11:30PM and accompanying Billy to the nearest bus stop.

As for me I went home with my Sunday newspaper although its past midnight, and finished some of the backlogs.

I'll keep you posted on the second episode of the BeastCast this week.

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