Friday, May 18, 2018

LEGO Speed Champions | Mustang Fastback

The 1968 Mustang GT Fastback is an iconic car for Ford Motors Corporation.

It’s identified as one of the first generation Mustang but with sportier in appearance for being a two-door road car beside reaching pop culture status when it was featured in Steve McQueen’s Bullitt.

LEGO has the Speed Champions theme and features mostly circuit cars of the upmarket ones that you hardly see in the streets. This is the not the first time that LEGO has produced a Mustang as a set, but knowing Ford known as one of the everyday cars it has its own heritage with its classic Mustang GT Fastback.

The Mustang GT Fastback has was cemented itself has part of Ford’s heritage when it comes to classic muscle cars. It paved away for the ‘muscle car’ identity that set the inspirations also for future of the Mustang GT name as LEGO previously produced a set that’s based on the modern version.

When you talk about legacy regarding the name o Mustang it has a rich heritage. Its interesting to share that my first choice was the Ford Fiesta M-Sport Rally car since I find the hatchback cars never get the spotlight it deserves. But you look at Ford’s Mustang its more popular having been produced since 1968.

Building a Mustang

You open the box and see 183 pieces for this set number 75884 with mostly in darker shade of green that includes one minifigure in his racing gear. The build was a quick one at the Marion Libraries. Like any manual it’s not perfect, but it’s easy to follow for anyone who is putting together a LEGO set that has four plastic bags, a loose base piece that’s considered the base chassis of the car itself, a sticker sheet and manual.

While feels like under pressure it me like 45 minutes to put this together, but for an experience builder will take you less than that. The other accessory that you put together is the digital time board. The minifigure includes a wrench as an accessory as most of the Speed Champions sets included it.

Tricked Out Pony

Most of the time I build sets I apply all the decals but for this build I chose to make the car look less of a racer. The only sticker I used is for the front emblem which makes this Mustang Fastback more of the car what Steve McQueen would drive in the film Bullitt than the usual racer look.

Some Speed Champion sets require the stickers for better aesthetics as what the product suggest. But this appear cleaner and reveal that this car is not just entirely green but a two toned Fastback that needs some minor custom changes.

Road Car Mustang

Overall I had fun putting this together with ease, but due to that I have done this inside a public library that’s an hour before closing time I had to build it fast. I may have missed some of the key pieces to put together so I have to carefully build it.

It was one of the challenges of someone who never builds sets. I like the overall look of this Mustang minus the stickers. Though it’s obvious that you need to add the sticker to the door panels as there are white elements that stick out. But there’s nothing like customizing it further in the future to match the colors but that would have to wait for now.

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