Monday, July 30, 2012

Ki Bo Bae & Team Korea Wins Gold in London 2012!

07.30.2012 – The London 2012 Olympics is currently happening since the opener last Friday where Agent 007 escorted the Queen from the Palace to the main event. There were already several sports that have been played for the gold catching up on Solar Sports Channel’s broadcast on the Women’s Team Archery competition.

The team that competed for the Bronze was Russia versus Japan were the rising sun of the East took them down to get that medal, while the battle for Gold has so much tension it was one of those rare moments you see pressure in the game.

Who would recall having tried archery a few months back during the Top Shot event by History Channel? Those where a first for me personally besides having an eye at firing a pistol doing so much damage that a few blogger friends know where that motivation comes from. Firing an arrow is more complicated when you need all the upper body strength to take the shot.

Being a witness to the game earlier where Team Korea got the best out of China and you know we’re not going to root for the country who is claiming Scarborough Shoal as their own.

The competition was intense and exciting seeing the pressure in these skillful ladies is a rarity for the one who really appreciate the sport for all that brilliance. Archery is a very complicated sport if you don’t have the eye and the will to take up a recurve bow.

The Gold Medal round went through a tough competition and rain was pouring so bad it was really hard to focus on nailing the bullseye to get those 10 points for your team.

Both teams when through four rounds out scoring each other and almost none of them missed hitting the yellow area dead center which earns them 10 points per archer. Each team consists of three people representing their country.

In Korea’s side all I can remember is this good looking woman named Ki Bo Bae a Recurve Archer who started the sport in 2011. This is the second Gold Medal in the 2004 Olympics for Korea.

The last round was exhilarating and pressure was on after China made their last shots giving them a total of 209 points tallied from the first round of the game. The last shot made it more crucial for Koreans not to miss a shot but score and it either win or tie the game.

They were sluggish when the rain stopped and their recurve bows are visible on television that they did not dry up in-between commercial breaks.

The first one scored 9 points while the next team mate got only 8 points, and then there’s Ki Bo Bae (in Korea her name is pronounced starting with her name) all rooting to take the final shot to win it or tie the game which was so intense but after she let go of her shot everything changed.

South Korea (Ki Bo Bae; Lee Sung Jin; Choi Hyeonju), def. China (Cheng Ming; Fang Yuting; Xu Jing), 210-209.

Ki Bo-Bae (ranked number one in the London 2012 Olympics) saved the day for Team Korea in making the one final shot to secure their second gold medal in eight years. After that shot the girls ran with their coach to the stands to hug their families and friends in winning the competition.

The next scene was a victory walk around the stadium where the game was held and it was a big win to take the gold while the Chinese team secured the Silver Medal.

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