Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Film Press Review: Hitman Agent 47!

08.19.2015 – “Hitman: Agent 47” is based on the videogame that also produced a film previously in 2007 unrelated to this one. This new Hitman is not a follow up but a reboot and has more interesting narrative that features Rupert Friend as Agent 47.

The action-adventure film certainly delivered explosive visuals set from Berlin to Singapore. It also features Hannah Ware and Zachary Quinto (Star Trek Beyond) that differs from its previous film. There’s more to Agent 47 than you’ll find out…

The premise and the previous trailers are impressive with action scenes that give you anticipation on what to expect from this reboot. Though I haven’t seen the original Hitman or the most recent trailer I find it there’s nothing more than a random violent film that’s all about taking the bad guys just like watching an actual videogame.

Action Art Film

Agent 47 for its relevance is based on a videogame that only those who have known the game and seen the previous Hitman would understand the character. First time director Aleksander Bach’s vision for this film seemed more of having an ‘artsy fartsy’ feel that seemed so cold that the characters doesn’t have much have emotion.

But the title of this film is based from Agent 47, but there’s one thing that made this film way better than the last one. It had something to do with Hannah Ware’s character, which mostly revolved entirely in the film’s relative. They tried to make a connection to the concept of ‘family’, that despite Agent 47 being a cold calculating killer he’s part of that surrogate family.

Relatively Impossible

Visually “Hitman: Agent 47” doesn’t show much of to impress those who look forward to the character developments. The pacing is bit disarray and there’s not much structure that is entirely more of a hoot `em up `til you drop action film.

Overall it’s just another generic action film that lacked its own personality. In short you’re watching a videogame that still revolved about that character’s origin. But what still makes the film watchable is Hannah Ware’s performance. Zachary Quinto was great too but ‘John Smith’ certainly seemed colder than a Vulcan that Agent 47 can handle anytime.

Hitman: Agent 47” is NOW SHOWING in Philippine cinemas from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures!

RATED: 2 out of 5 Stars

NOTE: This film is screened privately in advance by invitation from 20th Century Fox through Warner Bros. Pictures. This is reviewed and rated personally to build interest about the film.

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