Monday, August 17, 2015

BenCab x Secret Fresh Grand Collaboration!

08.17.2015 – Secret Fresh has another big exhibition launch collaborating with BenCab (Ben Cabrera), the National Artist of the Philippines for Visual Arts (Painting). This was the biggest event in the art gallery’s existence.

It was been a planned collaboration for a long time for Secret Fresh teaming up with the best-selling painter of his generation of Filipino artists, and that’s why this was the most star-studded affair for those who are into the visual art.

The event has been huge for Secret Fresh, that it was a very exclusive launch of BenCab’s art exhibition celebration of 50 Creative Years. Its unfortunate that due to strict security and the event has their own media covering this they did not allow anyone to take pictures of the exhibit during its release.

There’s a beauty to this since you won’t see ANY photos taken during the event. For those art aficionados who never got the chance to see the launch will have to do with the teaser image they shared two days prior to the launch. Besides you’ll like the set up but there’s only a few works of BenCAb that was on display and all of them are sculptures in glass display that is exclusively released by Secret Fresh.

For those curios wanting to know there are only four of these sculptures that have an engraved plate featuring BenCab’s signature design showing Secret Fresh’s logo together that reveals their collaboration which you see in the only cover photo (see image above).

Even though the event was over past 10 PM probably there was a miscommunication between the organizers of Secret Fresh, and the hired security detail that it is implied to the people still at the venue can now take photos of the exhibit display.

Unfortunately even the security who approached me tried their best to put in proper words that I’m still not allowed to take photos even though the event is over. It may sound offending I just try to understand that they are just doing their job. No incident there since I already informed the lead gallery organizer the situation at the same time I congratulate Secret Fresh for another successful collaboration and art show.

Now if you are still curious what are those statues on exhibit just drop by Secret Fresh to see in person. This is to build your anticipation to see BenCab’s creation is definitely worth visiting than seeing it captured on a still image.

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