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Reel Review: Jurassic World!

06.13.2015 – Almost two years ago I had the privilege to see Jurassic Park in the big screen. This of course is the 20th anniversary release of the original with additional scenes first time to be seen in cinema, which was released through home media.

From the opening through the visual and musical score Steven Spielberg has brought Michael Crichton’s novel to life. Two movie sequels and a decade of ‘development hell’ Jurassic World, the fourth instalment has finally open its doors to the public.

It took more than 10 years after Jurassic Park III to have a follow up in ‘World and lavished in production having several rewrites. But now the park is open in Isla Nubar and ready for another adventure. This time you got new faces and the only cast coming back is BD Wong as Dr. Henry Wu from the original film.

Respecting History

The narrative for Jurassic World has many call backs to the original film, and was respectful in acknowledging its beginnings at the same time incorporating new things. There are also similarities how `World is bigger and wilder as everyone would have seen the teaser imagers and trailers this theme park opened.

There are forces at work how `World succeeds in its own storyline and as director Colin Trevorrow shares this one tells the story how it show the reality of consumer and corporate excess. Trevorrow states this theme represent a dinosaur which is the Indominus Rex which "meant to embody humanity's worst tendencies. We're surrounded by wonder and yet we want more, and we want it bigger, faster, louder, better. And in the world of the movie, the animal is designed based on a series of corporate focus groups." He also added that "There's something in the film about our greed and our desire for profit. The Indominus Rex, to me, is very much that desire that need to be satisfied."

Owen the Dinosaur Dundee

What’s quite impressive of Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady is what you see in the featured trailer, which Same Neill’s Dr. Alan Grant has not accomplished in the previous film is being the trainer for a pack of Velociraptors. If you’ve watched of heard about the Australian film Crocodile Dundee, Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady is a sum of that with a little bit of charm and less of scoundrel like Peter Quill.

From every aspect of the film Owen is not just a Velociraptor expert, but has enough knowledge to deal with these creatures. He’s got to be the only guy who doesn’t buckle amidst the panic when everything gets out of control.

While Bryce Dallas Howard is Claire Dearing, but appears to inherit the colors of John Hammonds’ clothing style she’s no pushover (I just can’t imagine why she wears heels in this film). Of course there are kids in this film and they are the window to the young viewers who might relate themselves seeing this as an adventure.

Visually Intimidating

What Jurassic Park lack plays out in Jurassic World and the update visuals how the dinosaurs move is now way better. Besides the impressive visuals the feel of terror is there that makes these CG dinosaurs appears quite real. With all the effects its still less gore unlike in JP but its intimidating how this film appears more of a follow up to the original eliminating what happened in Lost World and JP III.

Its overall performance with the actors has been top notch along with the visuals really work. Though there are very few nitpicking like the ‘clunky’ story line doesn’t bother much at all. The pacing was fine it feels like being in the middle of the chaos that certainly has left me entertained and you might be too with the rest of the kids.

Jurassic World left a trail of destruction in its path and stomps its way to become a blockbuster hit. Colin Trevorrow has brought back a 1990s classic to its resurgence and at the end of the day the Dinosaurs are cool once again. Now showing in selected cinemas across Asia and this is distributed by Universal International Pictures through Columbia Pictures Philippines.

RATED: 3 out of 5

NOTE: This review is not sponsored nor endorsed by United International Pictures or Columbia Pictures Philippines. This film is reviewed, rated personally and not to promote in selling the film.

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