Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Adelaide Journals 2013: The Trip at Noarlunga Beach!

12.24.2013 - Noarlunga beach is just one of the attractions in Port Noarlunga, South Australia. The jetty itself it’s the biggest attractions to visitors who have visited this interesting place. It was awarded the cleanest beach in 2009 and 2010 in Australia.

The view at the jetty is breathtaking having a close proximity of a diverse range of aquatic features making this area stand out from other coastal locations. The sands may not be as white as say the Philippines’ Boracay but its preserved with less crowds.

A narrow reef about 400 metres offshore is approximately 1.6 km long and was formed from a consolidated Pleistocene sand dune. The reef runs parallel to shore and has two sections, with the area separating them called The Gap.

Underneath the jetty you get to enjoy the view of the ocean waves as well as the beach itself. There was one graffiti art that was painted that you may find it not as art worthy as the ones you’ll see in the walls of an art gallery like in Vinyl on Vinyl. But certainly is a place to spend the sun, sea and surf for those who want to spend the Christmas Holiday season in Adelaide.

If you haven’t been to Adelaide and only the well-known place of Australia maybe you should check out the images taken earlier today…

There are a lot of beaches in Adelaide but this one is the closest in the place where I’m temporarily residing and it’s quite a view. It’s a different perspective spending Christmas on a summer setting outside the Philippines.

It may not be festive but spending summer on a country that is about to celebrate Christmas is a rare thing to experience and its definitely unique down under.

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