Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Adelaide Journals 2013: Brighton Beach on Christmas Day!

12.25.2013 - Spending the Christmas Summer at Brighton beach is no different than having a spectacular view of Noarlunga.

It is a fascinating beach with its own jetty that gives you a good walk farther from the rocks and sands.

The Brighton jetty has been around but based on history it was badly damaged in the 1990s and re-built which currently features a tower at the end part.

Most visitors enjoy the fishing and clear water for a dip or just enjoy the view whenever you can.

Brighton is a nice place to spend your mornings seeing the sunrise or having great memories of the sunset. The nearby area has a part just a few blocks and most of the visitors enjoy a good swim or just simply get a good time under the sun.

The rocky shore stretches and you can see it from the jetty, but the best place to enjoy a good stroll is at the jetty where you can see some reeling a good catch of fish.

It was a breath taking afternoon and who would not like to visit Brighton beach? If you have heard about this place or haven’t seen its beauty check out the images below you might think the images were taken from a postcard…

Brighton has an annual event the Brighton Jetty Classic an open an Open Water Swim made up of the 1500 metre Brighton Jetty Classic Swim and the 400 metre Jetty Swim, aimed at first time open water swimmers. The event began in 2006 when approximately 800 swimmers successfully completed the event. It is an annual event, being hosted on the first Sunday in February.

If you happen to be in Adelaide the next Brighton Jetty Classic will happen on February 2, 2014 more info can be found on maybe it’s worth checking out the annual event for yourself.

Besides the annual attraction before you walk to the jetty you’ll see the “Arch of Remembrance” which commemorates Australian servicemen and women who have served in all wars and conflicts.

The original Arch of Remembrance was dedicated in 21st November 1926 as Brighton's World War One Memorial. It was designed by J. D. Lyons of Prospect who won a competition run by The Town of Brighton. The original arch was damaged by a storm in 1963 and replaced and dedicated on the 19th April 1964.

There are other interesting things you’ll see around the area and one of them is the “bowler hat” sign which eventually the humps you see on the road. It’s an interesting street sign to use.

The other is memorial granite drinking fountain in memory of Kitty (Mrs. Primrose Whyte) at Brighton jetty. The story behind this is that she was attacked by a 7-gill shark off the West Brighton in 1926. Interesting story about Mrs. Whyte’s tragedy can be found HERE with the original news clipping digitally scanned.

It is definitely a great place to spend the outdoors either nearby the park or just admiring the view of the Brighton jetty surely you’ll want to see it for yourself.

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