Monday, December 30, 2013

Adelaide Journals 2013: Overnight Stay & Early Fishing!

12.30.2013 – The road travel going to another destination within South Australia is smoother than comparing to another country that continues to decline, even though they kept telling progress continues to go up.

But with South Australia things continue to look good in the next few years it’s quite an amazing view and the experience of true progress never cease.

All you need is see it for yourself why this trip was an unforgettable one in the last 48 hours.

On the long road ahead although there’s nothing to see but the sun slowly creeping its way down that turns into night time. Road signs are plenty particularly that shows a Kangaroo symbol that there’s a lot of them that crosses the highway that you might hit them. It gives warning to the drivers ahead to be on your toes when travelling in the thickest of the dark, but you’ll see in the sky how the stars light up not to give you any problems on the road. You just need to be alert when you travel in this kind of terrain.

Port Hughes is a popular destination when you talk about spending your Australian holiday. Everyone take road trips during this month and spend their Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year on the road. The best part of South Australia is the beaches and the long jetty.

There are other activities that’s surely you can take advantage having this experience. Upon arriving late the other night the place we stayed overnight was a small place owned by Greeks you have lived there. They turned the storage shed into a room for travelers. It was somewhat not outdated for someone who never travelled to a country with a huge state. It was something different when you travel to Philippine provinces and at the same time quite a calm and relaxing trip.

For those wondering if Port Hughes is far from Adelaide it’s a long drive like 4 to 6 hours with stopovers, and the only stop for early dinner and refuels at the petrol station. The car have been roaring its engine since leaving Adelaide and it needs a quick rest.

Port Hughes is a small coastal town in the Copper Coast region of South Australia on Northern Yorke Peninsula. It is considered a satellite town of Moonta which is located directly to the east of Port Hughes. In the nearby areas there are some great spots to spend the outdoors, but Moonta was the best place to be for some fishing. It had one of the longest jetties, where some Filipinos are up as early as 3AM waiting to catch some fish.

Some would be there since arriving to spend the night and then start reeling in some catch. At first you’ll be wondering how early the Australians where to just sit there and wait for the bait to reel in some fish. But turns out the individuals spending their time waiting for a catch are Filipinos based in some parts of South Australia spending the holiday at Moonta.

The coastal trail a t Port Hughes stretches far and wide and you can see the blue sky bright as the ocean. It was an amazing sight to behold spending Sunday on a road strip and now on a fishing trip that you wonder if there’s something like this back home? Then comparisons would start all over again, but that leaves you to hope that this can happen only if someone had that idea made.

For now it was just appreciating the perspective what this small town can give you from a strange who has travelled farther and hoping to come back to see it again.

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