Monday, December 30, 2013

Adelaide Journals 2013: Open Road To Port Hughes!

12.30.2014 – The long travel at Port Hughes was a daunting adventure. Driving in Australia is really different. The way motorists behave here is not as chaotic as back in Manila where it’s not what you expected would from a passenger’s point of view.

The road to Port Hughes was quite a trip as the highways are not clogged with its own outback to share while on the road. There are several photos taken and it’s a challenge to share the best ones that definitely stand out from the travel there yesterday…

There are a lot of good shots taken from the trip going to Port Hughes before getting to the actual destination. There was a stop over at a local BP petrol station that has some good food and interesting drinks. Not to forget something to freeze over the Christmas Summer heat that is about to start during the late afternoon travel.

Below are images from the road up to the day changed into night and its quite remarkable how it turned out very well as you see:

It was indeed a tiring day for a road trip within South Australia and it was definitely an educational one getting to Port Hughes and seeing its own culture. The way you see the images says something about Australia that you’d want to come back for more.

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