Sunday, December 29, 2013

Adelaide Journals 2013: Christmas Summer at Blair Athol!

12.29.2014 – The Christmas spirit is at Blair Athol is one of the suburbs in Adelaide South Australia.

It’s located in City of Port Adelaide Enfield and it’s not really a place of touring but more of residence area as close friends is located there.

Visiting one who resides at Blair Athol was quite a trip with a Greek theme designed for the house and how the holidays are celebrated. Most of the photos taken are the Christmas ornaments and the usual seasonal decorations that filled this house…

Last night was just another simple gathering in Adelaide and here is one house in Blair Athol has its humble Christmas theme that surely quite unforgettable. There’s nothing more to be said but in awe with the theme for Christmas and the collection of images are quite that remarkable…

There’s nothing much to be shared today but simple things you might not see in the Philippines with simple photography about Christmas ornaments at Blair Athol.

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