Thursday, December 26, 2013

Adelaide Journals 2013: IKEA on Boxing Day!

12.26.2013 – IKEA is famous for furniture and other home decors and they have branches all over the world. Unfortunately they don’t have one in the Philippines as I’ve heard there’s one in Singapore but never got the chance to see it for myself being there in that country twice.

The opportunity to see it in person was my first in Adelaide was a great experience. A friend sent me photos back then in San Francisco but only the exterior image of the huge warehouse. But once you enter that place it will change your perspective how to “beautify” you’re house.

Upon entering the main lobby you will immediately see a lot of people here since its Boxing Day they have a special holiday sale. Besides all the home related items being sold there they also have a cafeteria.

What are great about IKEA are the designs that they have put in each of their product. The food of course was scrumptious and details can be found HERE.

This IKEA is located near the Adelaide International Airport which was the first thing I saw upon arriving three days ago. It is a remarkable place that I’ve been hearing about through friends and relatives living outside the Philippines.

Stepping inside a lot who have seen it would probably describe it a “magical place” and who would not say it? They don’t have a branch in the Philippines but hopefully in the future they might open one up soon. Besides home decors and other things you need to your home they also cater to children and for those who loves toys.

They have plushy toys of stuffed animals and you can’t ignore how they make your bed more unique having to collect these creatures. They have a wide variety of products but it’s up to you to travel there and see it for yourself.

The closes IKEA outlet you should visit is in Singapore but they might carry some things the other IKEA shops don’t have in other countries.

It’s all good to see the place and you will definitely not leave without getting something.

To see their huge catalog and other details LIKE IKEA Australia on Facebook!

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