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Adelaide Journals 2013: The Tram to Rundle Mall!

01.28.2013 – Rundle Mall is Australia’s first pedestrian street mall, which opened some time in 1976.

It’s like The Bonifacio High Street in the Philippines, but what makes Rundle Mall unique is it originated and named after Rundle Street.

The area is the most expensive real estate in downtown Adelaide, which had evolved to be a high end commercial district. It is home to South Australia’s flagship store and just like Bonifacio High Street it has its own notable landmarks that are worth checking out.

The street was named on May 23, 1837 by the Street Naming Committee after John Rundle a member of the British House of Commons, who is the original director of the South Australia Company. Rundle Mall changed of the years and before it became to what it is now it used to have vehicle pass that have traffic congestion.

It is a busy street to see downtown and the way going there sometimes doesn’t require having a car and all you need is to take the public transport like the tram line. You’ll find it that the ride is for free within the downtown district, but beyond the area you have to pay for the transportation.

It looks like the LRT or MRT transport in the Philippines, and the only difference is that it travels along the street just like the cable car in San Francisco with its own railway. Inside you’ll notice how the place is packed with commuters heading to Rundle Mall.

When you arrive at the station the mall is just across the street, and you’re already at Rundle Mall. It is the first retail establishment in Australia with electric lighting. There are arcades and plazas located in the area which include Myers Centre that you can say the counterpart of Rustan’s in the Philippines.

There are notable sites in the area and the first you’ll see is the four bronze pigs of Rundle Mall. At first in the photos you’ll see them like they appear small, but they are actually big sculpture like Oliver who is rooting around the rubbish bin. While the other three (Augusta, Horatio and Truffles) are nearby to welcome people who wants to have a photo with them.

Besides the four hogs there is a carousel and The Spheres aka Mall’s Balls which consists of two metal spheres a common meeting place for visitors. It was first erected in 1977 which was commissioned by the then Hindmarsh Building Society (subsequently absorbed in to the Adelaide Bank). Around that area there’s a camera that is on 24/7 where you can watch passing visitors real time online similar to what Hong Kong have in their commercial district.

The place is huge with buildings and tenants occupying the area you need more time to look around. They have also the Rundle Mall Fountain outside Adelaide Arcade that is painted in Victorian colors and was cast in the late 1800s.

Rundle Mall is a very busy place having entertainment by local street artists doing magic shows or musicians promoting their talent for visitors to see. The aftermath of Boxing Day did not end here as most establishments are having a sale up to 70% percent off.

It’s a great place to shop seeing that it has an Apple Store located there, which is the only shop in Rundle Mall. There are sights to enjoy and structures that you’ll see and Rundle Mall gets better with every visit.

You can never go wrong if you have enough funds to splurge Rundle Mall is the place to make the trip at downtown Adelaide in South Australia. On the way back while waiting for the tram there was even a comic book shop, which is the Pulp Fiction Comics just across the tram station.

There’s so much to explore aside from the notable sights encountered and definitely a place worth coming back. Not only to shop but to relax and enjoy the company of the four hogs or just have a photo with The Mall’s Balls of Rundle Mall.

Rundle Mall is open 7 days a week located in downtown South Australia. For more details and events happenings LIKE Uniquely Rundle Mall on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @RundleMall

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