Sunday, September 1, 2013

Meet the staff of Pawn Stars UK!

09.01.2013 – The new spin off in Pawn Stars UK gets to be aired this month in September and clearly enjoying the teasers on History Asia. But I went online and checked that Rick Harrison was also in the show when he went to Europe.

Well after seeing him a few days ago at the meet and greet in Glorietta it wasn’t enough to appreciate his presence along with Corey but suffice it to say that its good enough for me to just appreciate them making their first stop in Manila.

But the new show based in UK is completely an alternative to watch on Tuesday nights. The Regal Pawn has a complete set of new characters and as Rick himself mentioned one of the people working there has Chumlee’s counterpart which definitely an interesting show indeed.

It was aired last year and it’s about to be shown in History Asia which also the same time Rick and Corey is on Asian Tour to promote the upcoming season of their show. The crew of Regal Pawn has Big Mark, Little Mark, Simon, Marco and Vicki to round up who you’re going to meet once the show airs this month.

If you can’t get enough with the usual antics of the Harrisons with Chumlee then this might be something to look forward to see on History Asia.

Pawn Stars UK starts airing Tuesday nights on History Asia and for more about Regal Pawn LIKE the Official Facebook page!

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