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The Pawn Stars Meet & Greet Happened.

08.24.2013 – The Pawn Stars had a cult following and changing the way we view about the pawnshops.

When there was an announcement that they will be making the Asian Tour I was hoping to get the chance to see them in a special press con.

But that didn’t happen and I wasn’t expecting for it since they have the meet and greet. It’s only exclusive for SkyCable subscribers and Ayala shoppers who spent a specific amount to get the chance to meet the Harrisons.

So I still got to see the event unfold at the new Glorietta activity center where History Asia set up a couple of interesting booths promoting their upcoming shows like the new season for Hidden Cities Extreme, American Restoration and a new show in Vikings. But the highlight of the event was meeting Rick and Corey Harrison.

The father and son team arrived on the scene late afternoon and it is given the event doesn't start on time. The program did not start until the host came out on stage getting everyone to cheer for the Harrisons.

The program opened up with a mentalist Erik Mana where he interacted with the crowd and then there was raffling off some cool History merchandise.

It was a great weekend to start now that the typhoon Maring has left the country and it didn’t stop the entourage to bringing Rick and Corey on their first country to stop by arriving from Japan.

The only thing that the program lacked of is actual fans that would interact with the right questions thrown out to the Harrisons. The host was great in getting the crowd interested but the questions where the usual common “masa” statements like “how’s your trip to the Philippines” and more about pushing to promote the country rather than asked about the show itself.

When are we going to ask the right questions to our foreign guests who just arrived for the first time in the country? It sounded downright logical to keep pushing the usual question when you can ask the Harrisons if given the chance to go to their pawn shop we will ever see them there? Or how it came about having a good working relationship with the other Rick from the American Restoration? These questions that casual TV viewers would be interested to know more about the show than talk about the Philippines all the time in every sentence.

Honestly. It would be cool to have a quick Q&A at the audience section rather than discuss about their trip to the country when this is their first time to see it. I don’t know about the local marketing they are inviting the ones who are not actual fans for this.

There’s nothing wrong about the whole set up just that asking the right questions would be great if it’s entirely related to show and connections with the other shows on History.

Just by observation the Harrisons are not much into the spotlight but don’t get me wrong Rick is more open to the conversation than his son Corey who don’t interact that much if the subject is not related to their show.

They practically in their “comfort zone” if it’s related to the daily life at the pawn shop if they just let the audience know that when you get the chance to visit the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop you won’t see them there. Because I have friends who have visited that place and they are not there because the only way you can see them is by appointment.

The show doesn’t function as we see it on television versus if you have the chance to see them for real at the shop. Besides that they should have brought in something that Rick can look at it unlike the one that was shown for him to observe and appraise.

There was a lot of “face palm” moment in there that it doesn’t give “fan service” and for those who would be interested to see the show. What the program was set to do is appease the “masa” crowd with the usual “how’s your stay in the Philippines” or “do you know any Tagalog word?” that definitely made them look like being pushed to embrace the country’s culture when it’s all about THE show.

Instead of going the “masa” mentality level why not elevate the crowd by educating them with the show and how things happen in the real world rather talk about an episode or two that doesn’t sound relevant.

The marketing who is handling History Asia in the Philippines should ask REAL fans for feedback what people should know about their shows. I’ve been watching Pawn Stars since History Asia started airing on Destiny Cable and I’d put up late night viewing just to see Chumlee get pummeled by the Harrisons and give a good laugh on every episode.

It’s great that the Harrisons came to town just that I feel disgusted about how the whole set up of the program was handled. We could do better with making them feel “at home” by talking more about the show rather than our country.

Too much about talking about our country unrelated to discussing about their show in one sentence and that’s why we will never learn to ask right questions.

You won’t see the actual fans there give interesting questions for the new ones to find more about the show. Oh yeah the screaming bit was great but based how the Harrisons reacted they are just trying not to comment on that. Fans ARE fans but I don’t see one screaming on their head off.

It was good for Ayala Malls to partnering with History Asia in bringing the Harrisons. It was great to see them even though I never had the chance to ask questions about the show and it was awesome to see Corey to sport a new look with that beard.

So there was something good about the show on their first stop but if I had the chance to talk to them I would like to know more about THE SHOW itself and behind the scenes rather than nonsense discussion that included the Philippines in one sentence since it was their first time to come here.

The meet and greet made them look like real life standees but that’s how the program goes it would been great to have them sign autographs too. But knowing they had a busy schedule and flying to Singapore was next in their itinerary I guess it was just great to see them in the flesh.

But probably next time they bring them here ask the real fans what they want to know about the show and how things happen behind the scenes so the would-be first time viewers would be educated.

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