Tuesday, September 17, 2013

#DROSETOUR Post-Coverage!

09.17.2013 – The weather was not cooperating but it was better than having a storm. But this does not stop Derrick Rose from continuing his last leg of the #DRoseTour for Asia which the Philippines as its last country to visit before heading back to the US.

From his arrival Saturday morning from his trip in China to attending the adidas Originals party that night the former league MVP of the NBA was definitely all-in with the local scene in supporting the brand. The Chicago Bulls 2008 Rookie of the Year was participating in Sunday’s activities from playing mini game to awarding the prizes.

While the weather continues to rain down outside the SMART Araneta Center it was still all fun and putting up a show with Derrick Rose. This morning rain was still pouring on a Monday morning but we’ve manage to arrive Marriott Hotel for his press conference with media answering questions and posing for photos.

It was a very hectic Monday for D. Rose during the day up to the videogame challenge that was held at the Mall of Asia Atrium, where participants will have a chance to get into the finals not only to win PhP 20,000 pesos ($460.00 US) but also get to play against Derrick himself in the NBA 2K13!

It was an intense field Monday where in-between the press conference and the last stop for D. Rose have enough free time to take a breather. Traffic has been a pain on everyone’s backside going to the Mall of Asia but it’s good to be early at the venue.

The gamers of the NBA2K13 for the Playstation 3 are not just casual about battling it out to get close to Derrick Rose but also a great seeing how they muster every shot they take.

It’s kind of weird Rico Robles handling play-by-play commentaries naming some of the participants as “The Surgeon” or “The Doctor” even “The Photographer” because those contestants definitely work with those kinds of profession.

Rico a self-proclaimed “pound for pound event host” definitely made the event electrify in-between the minutes where the gamer was lagging for those people who were witnessing the event inside the mall. He puts a great perspective to an event that lasted almost four hours that kept everyone entertained.

When Derrick arrived in the scene from Marriott Hotel he was the first one to welcome him on stage and snapping photos left and right. Everyone definitely had the best time with their favorite NBA player even though security was very tight to get close to him.

This event was relaxed and more intimate as Derrick Rose ends his #drosetour in the basketball crazy such as the Philippines and he promised to return some day as he enjoyed talking to the people. He also mentioned this is the second time his mom traveled outside the United States and she enjoyed every minute of the trip shopping seeing Filipino hospitality as its finest.

After this event he flies back to start the pre-season camp his steps to return in the NBA and back to the rose of the Chicago Bulls. Seeing as how he played during Sunday’s 3-on-3 Finals he mentioned being back 100% percent.

Let’s see how the Chicago Bulls get to the thick of things once the season opens next month. Special thanks to adidas, and Greenbulb PR for the opportunity to be part of this event and for more upcoming events and launches LIKE adidas PH on Facebook!

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