Sunday, September 15, 2013

D. Rose Impressed Manila Fans!

09.15.2013 – Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls point guard is in town on his final leg for the #drosetour event. The weather was not helping when you travel from the Mall of Asia by jeepney and taking the MRT all the way to Cubao.

The event started smoothly as always but not as what you’d expect it to be if you’re a casual spectator of the game. Well namely the game of basketball which speaks the international language which has become the Philippines’ favorite past time.

Just being there is electrifying and being a fan definitely makes you not miss seeing an actual Chicago Bulls player.

Derrick was introduced on the court by 4:18 PM where the fire the big screen showed the video that featured the Bulls point guard. The energy was high but previously there were some mini games and some trivial introductions but after the fireworks he came out like you’ll never expect him to walk straight.

I was not able to see him play during the lockout season when the rest of his compatriots visited the country in 2011. But when the announcement of his tour made headlines I was not going to pass up the opportunity to see him in up close.

If you’re a Chicago Bulls fan you stick to your team through thick and thin and boy they definitely had a hard time during the post-Jordan era.

They earned their first draft pick in 1999 (Elton Brand) who did not made quite an impact until the Bulls had a second chance in 2007 when they drafted a young Derrick Rose from Chicago. The highest pick Chicago ever had prior to Brand was Michael Jordan in 1984 and he definitely put this team in the map having six titles and of course that 72-10 record in the 1995-1996 season.

Derrick Rose was the second Bulls player to earn the MVP award (2011) and of course you know who the first guy was. But what D Rose brought to the table is that he was the youngest to earn that award.

I wasn’t as ecstatic as the diehard fans that wore red and paraded themselves with his team colors but I enjoyed seeing him play and it’s like watching a Bulls game. Just that the program which was hosted by the Boys Night Out (consists of radio DJs Sam YG, Slick Rick and Toni Tony) was funny but not appropriate kind of approach the way their toilet humor would be for this event.

This reminds me how the host of the Pawn Stars Tour rubbed too much Filipino material on the foreign guest when they could have asked that was related to the show.

But more about D Rose from the way he reacts to the humor with the BNO boys where just not right. But of course they are professionals but some of the questions and the humor were not appropriate though everything is all good.

The 3-on-3 finals game with Arellano University versus a young Thailand team was pretty impressive. Especially the players from Thailand who I we thought where in their college years but turns out they haven’t barely made out of high school. These kids are tall and they will grow some more inches in those lean frame.

But don’t count out the Filipinos from Arellano University especially that young guard who did a la Allen Iverson crossover dribble. Their center also was at post even though a few inches shorter they he the taller Thailand player under the hoop like a pro.

The local celebrities who participated where good too just that there some scene that didn’t show much of interest to compliment Derrick’s participation but it’s all good for some of them to get to meet him. Especially when Derrick Rose teamed up with the Thailand team against the three PBA players who are also endorsers for Adidas and they definitely showed some action.

Derrick made some great moves but based on my companion’s scouting report he is seeing some new arsenal that he is polishing once the new season begins.

There was so much fun despite the way the hosts handled the situation just puts a different perspective but overall great event even though I was just a few inches away from him to step on the floor.

Tomorrow would be an interesting spectacle with the video game challenge. The same colleague who did the scouting report on Derrick is going to play. It’s a long shot but hopefully he makes it to the finals to see if he has been practicing since Derrick mentioned it that he favorite game is the NBA 2K series.

But today definitely a great time for a Bulls fan to see one of the best ball handlers in the game come back and here’s hoping the weather would be friendly enough for me to wear one of the sneakers that he has worn.

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