Friday, August 9, 2013

Movie Review: The Internship.

08.09.2013 – “The Internship” was an interesting film and there was stuff that has potential for this film to make it happened. Though for someone who is not entirely familiar with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s team up seems unsynchronized.

Both men where a hit with 2005’s the “Wedding Crashers” when they reunited for this film the anticipation to bring the same formula for “The Internship” would hit it off but it’s been almost eight years since they have done a movie together that is a very long time for them to bring that same success for this movie.

The press material for the film really got me interested since I have been curious what goes on inside the tech giant like Google and how they run the company. “The Internship” gives you a window of that opportunity to see its entirety and Shawn Levy delivers the visuals.

There were several reviews that say this movie is one entire marketing ploy for Google which vaguely half-truths but you can be wrong on both accounts. The movie is great for its plots and twists as well as first time talents. But for someone who rarely see a comedy about two old gentlemen trying to poke fun at the situation was a letdown.

As mentioned it was been eight years since Vaughn and Wilson teamed up for a comedy film and if they were hitting the right queues back in Wedding Crashers they could have taken advantage of making a consistent chemistry. But for most of their humor seems to run a little bit dry given that it’s been a VERY LONG time since they made it big.

Don’t get me wrong there are interesting parts in the film besides Rose Byrne as a Google manager seems to be the eye candy that sparks the interest for Owen Wilson’s character. But the main focus of the film mostly shifts to the young talents that includes Fil-Am actor Tobit Raphael as Yo-Yo that genius kid with mom issues. There is also a cameo of another well-known comedian that I won’t spoil you that did not give me enough laughs rather the obscurity that no one deserves to see.

The saving grace that made this film likable was the story about a group of rejects despite the challenges they faced they stood together from thick and thin to make it out through the summer and bond. This of course happens in the real world somewhere in the corporate realm where there are those undesirable who tried to be relevant going through the everyday challenge that everyone should be treated equal.

Overall “The Internship” is a nice film that makes Google the center of the attraction and the story revolves around two grown men with a bunch of undesirable misfits who just wants to make it to the big world and be part of something big. But for every film it’s not perfect with a hit or misses… But for this one was surely a miss 2 out of 5 rating.

I’d wait for the home video to see it instead but if you’re curious enough then watch it for its humor as this film opens on August 14, 2013 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. Picture Studios.

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