Sunday, June 9, 2013

Late Night Hangouts with Root Saturdays!

05.09.2013 – It’s been a while since I hang out and help in sharing my appreciation to art. I haven’t seen Dee Jae Pa’Este that much as less than occasional but more seeing his work online where he shares his thoughts about food and the people he goes out with.

Root Saturdays was my first but I haven’t been to his events since last year where he painted for the J Dilla tribute. I have been busy lately now that work’s closer to home. It’s been a while not going home past midnight which kind shows your age of not being into it no more than just want to spend the weekends at home.

Definitely Root Saturdays was one of the rare things I go to and when Dee Jae told me Yolanda Moon was playing that night I was interested. The indie band that performed in the recently concluded Wanderland 2013 was definitely much talked about.

It never occurred to me that my work load online has become something from my call center days. So I realize I need a getaway from that entire mundane task what has become a routine lately. I guess this might be the unexpected moment where I head to some place I have not gone to which was Playa Laiya.

The last time I walked along the shoreline was at a province in Davao last year but since it was ravaged by the heavy typhoon Pablo last December 2012 things are not the same.

I rarely follow bands that I really like and you can count on Up Dharma Down on the list that has been sold out in all their gigs whenever they go. Yolanda Moon was like UDD when they were starting out as a band and these guys played an exquisite set that made me a bit more relaxed after traveling to Alabang.

The night was young and Yolanda Moon made that evening all worthwhile. Seeing Dee Jae doing his best along with new artist Paolo Geronimo doing live art that’s something you don’t see these days.

I mostly enjoyed the ice tea and practically just breeze to taking photos and just having the distraction I need from the usual routine I’ve been doing in the past months.

Dee Jae can usually be found trying to finish his work at the Bonifacio High Street amphitheater where he had this four piece wall that he has been painting since summer and that’s where you’ll probably catch him.

Root Saturdays happens at the Museum Café just at the ground floor of the Ayala Museum and who knows you might catch the band again if you’re lucky enough.

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