Thursday, March 14, 2013

Post-Pablo Tragedy More Need Help.

03.14.2013 – It’s been months since the tragedy that has fallen to typhoon Pablo last December 2012.

The news break out towards the event has been in the news since its rainfall that lost lives in Mindanao.

The news kept pouring and media was there to keep everyone updated on the recent events and development on the continued effort to help those who were caught by the storm.

It’s been past three months and the developments have slowly and steadily died down to obscurity. But there are actually help happening behind the scenes it just needs the right update to let everyone know about it.

Recently a relative from the US traveled all the way to one of the towns in Davao where my mother’s side of the family hails from that region to check out on everyone. The report is things are not the same and even though there are rations being delivered its not enough due to the news that some of those supplies have been held off by those who’s handling the relief goods and other things.

People are getting hungry everyday and one of the small barrios of Bangangga’s Davao Oriental is not receiving sufficient food and supplies. They provided bunk houses but incomplete where some parts are missing.

This is one of the small towns that have been affected by typhoon Pablo and there are others might have the same experience of having their supplies being incomplete. But if you’re not being updated about the events that have been transpired there are actually help coming their way.

There are actually NGOs who are willing to help continue the efforts in helping the people affected by Pablo who are based in Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental. Global Village (GV) is one of the NGOs who held a press conference led by Yank Barry with Secretary Corazon Juliano-Soliman to discuss logistics on how to distribute 2 million meals to the Pablo victims.

Global Village (GV) co-founded by Yank Barry which is behind a massive feeding program that aims to achieve A Day Without Hunger worldwide founded in 1975 was in the country with former boxer Evander Holyfield and GV’s International Ambassador talked to Philippine government representatives.

In that meeting also attended by the head of Global Village in Asia, Mr. Wally Sombero, the Philippine government through Sec. Soliman vowed to assist in the assurance of the passage of meals to its destination in the coming months. “Secretary Soliman and Cabinet Secretary Almendras are going over and above the call of duty and are helping expedite the delivery of needed food to the Pablo victims,” said Barry.

The upcoming feeding will be also joined by our own GV’s Asian goodwill ambassador. “They have tremendous synergy and the same goals in being successful in bringing food and medicine to the needy victims of Pablo,” Barry added. Other foreign and Filipino ambassadors aptly called “Champions” will participate in the worthy cause. Filipino “Champions” include fashion icon and socialite Tessa Prieto-Valdes and actor-tv host Cesar Montano, among others.

So the news about the Post-Pablo is not yet resolved as continuous efforts to help the typhoon victims is still there as other news becomes trending we should remind the government about the tragedy as not a “trending news” but a reminder that there are other NGOs willing to help.

All you need is spread the word about this that there is help still coming their way because the government representatives from DSWD has shown their support in teaming up with Global Village.

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