Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Man of Steel Day at a Glance!

06.12.2013 – Man of Steel had a press media advance screening last night and it wasn’t as exciting as the Dark Knight Rises but close enough to just not expect something for the film to happen as this is a reboot of the Superman film.

Of course there were the usual cocktails and costumed individuals that some makes this a life career but hey give respect to those he are REALLY passionate about it. Man of Steel has been talked about all week and TV spots have been shown online. The merchandise of course is not that much interesting as it used to be back then.

Prior to going to the screening at the IMAX Theater I pass by the gallery at the main mall with a huge Kryptonian ship was sort of the centerpiece of the event. Dubbed “Defender or Earth” was opened to the public this past weekend (June 8, 2013) and was graced by the media and those who participated in having their Superman collectibles on display.

Every corner of the exhibit area is an activity for the young ones as well as the parents who would be accompanying them. But the actual attraction for this is for those Superman fans that collect the merchandise.

The display not as extensive as you’d expect but it tells each of the individuals who participated in having their collection on exhibit reads comics. Not just collecting the toys but actually appreciate the stories DC Comics is dishing out every month. I’m not entirely a big Superman fan but as much as possible get the key books and interesting story arcs that shapes this Kryptonian.

Jollibee has most of the Kids Meal Toys that really is different from the one Carl’s Jr is having in the US. But after seeing the film I never expected highly about the development of the character but appreciating it for the way it is.

Not going over the details of the film it’s just something we should accept about the new Superman and that is about the changes.

I’ve heard a lot of negative feedback about the film but as they say to each of its own. You can’t please the traditionalist. Just strive to make a better one on the next film even though its about to take millions of dollars in the box office Superman is as iconic as you can get being the granddaddy of superheroes.

The gallery will be there at SMA Mall of Asia until June 16, 2013 and surely you’ll be looking for the merchandise and the toys that came with it.

I’m just appreciating this event as something which came and gone though I cannot wait for the home video release just to have it on my collection. Man of Steel opens in Philippine cinemas in 3D, 2D, and IMAX 3D on June 12, 2013 from Warner Bros. Pictures Studios.

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